AQUAFRESH® kids’ toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes are helping kids’ teeth to grow up strong.

When your child gets their first tooth, it’s a pretty exciting milestone (and definitely one for the baby scrapbook). So getting them into good tooth-brushing habits can never happen too early. In fact, as soon as that first little tooth pops through, let the brushing begin.

That’s because, just like grown-up teeth, baby teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day to keep them strong and healthy and unlike grown-up teeth their enamel is 50% thinner so needs special care. AQUAFRESH® Little Teeth and My Big Teeth toothpastes provide Sugar Acid Protection to strengthen and actively defend little teeth against cavities caused by everyday sugars.   

Of course we know that brushing isn’t the most exciting thing for little ones to do, so that’s why we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make it fun, such as our entertaining brush app. Yes, fun. Just another way AQUAFRESH®  products can be there for you. From the very first tooth, helping your kids’ teeth grow up strong.

Answers to your questions.

Why do milk teeth need expert protection?

Compared to adult teeth, the enamel on milk teeth is 50% thinner and more vulnerable to attack. That’s why our dental experts have developed a special formulation. It’s tough on decay, but unlike regular toothpaste it’s less abrasive. It also has an appropriate amount of fluoride and a child-friendly flavour.

Why are milk teeth so important?

Your child’s big teeth are already waiting in the gums below their milk teeth. Taking care of them helps to ensure big teeth come through straight, healthy and strong, ready to create a healthy adult smile. Remember, milk teeth are more than just practice teeth.

What is Sugar Acid Protection?

Sugars are everywhere. And we’re talking foods like bread and cereal (as well as the usual culprits, namely sweets and chocolate.) Aquafresh® Sugar Acid Protection toothpastes help to strengthen and protect tooth enamel, thanks to fluoride. It’s a true hero in the fight against tooth decay.

Easy ways to make brushing
your child's teeth fun

We’ve worked with lots of children and their parents to help children engage with brushing their teeth and encourage good habits. And fun is key. So find out how you can help your child enjoy taking care of their teeth.

Tip 1: Getting your child to pretend to be a hippo or lion encourages a nice wide-open mouth for brushing!

Tip 2: Losing teeth and having gaps can be a hard thing for a child to cope with, so get the tooth fairy to work her fun magic.

Tip 3: Download our free app so your child can brush along to our hugely catchy brushing song for the full two minutes (the recommended time by experts).