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Making any child brush their teeth for the full two minutes can be hard. In fact, that’s a bit of an understatement.

But our free app has helped to change all that. 

With a fabulous catchy song (even you’ll be humming it) points to collect and even fun tips on how to brush really thoroughly, what could be a more fun way for your child to get brushing? 

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Easy ways to make brushing your child’s teeth fun

How to help make brushing time easier with fun tips and advice:

Tip 1: Getting your child to pretend to be a hippo or lion encourages a nice wide-open mouth for brushing!

Tip 2: Losing teeth and having gaps can be a hard thing for a child to cope with, so get the tooth fairy to work her fun magic.

Tip 3: Download our free app so your child can brush along to our hugely catchy brushing song for the full two minutes (the recommended time by experts).